Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Situation

This semester sees the election of new Student Union staff across both campuses of the university. These elections were delayed last year after they were declared void due to voter fraud. Although elections were moved to last autumn, a lack of nominations for the open posts meant that the elections had to be delayed again to Spring 2009.

Now the nominations are in and the campaigning has begun. Here's what they are campaigning for:

There are ten, essentially administrative, positions which report to the Student Council (the Student Union's most powerful body, although currently disbanded due to last year's problems). These are the President, Vice-President (one for each campus), a Communications and Campaigns Officer and a Participation and Development Officer.

These are full-time positions with the candidate taking a year out to do the job. They are also paid for their work, with a rate of £18,200 a year.

There are then five part-time roles which the person does in addition to their course and are unpaid roles. These are a Diversity and Equality Officer, an International Students Officer, a Postgraduate Students Officer, a Part Time Students Officer and a Welfare Officer.

These people make up the Students' Council - in addition to representatives of Student Union Societies and members drawn from other areas, such as university halls representatives. The Council is the highest student body, able to alter the Constitution (last amended 2005) and direct various sub-committees.

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